When Purchasing a Home – Things You Should Expect From Your Realtor


Few things scare young families like buying a new home. It’s a large investment and unless you’re a professional real estate agent, you’re probably struggling to know what to look for. So connect with a trusted local realtor like me and use this information for the home buying process.

Ask Your Realtor About Lending

Your agent should first provide you with a list of a few great local lenders. Having worked with multiple lenders, realtors know who offers the best customer service, has the lowest fees, and gets the job done in a timely manner. Every agent has a few preferred lenders they work with, so don’t worry about going on a frustrating quest for a decent lender.

Act Fast

Realtors often provide daily updates on the market with new homes recently listed fitting your desires. Knowing the day a home is listed can make all the difference between getting your dream home or not.

Time is of the essence in a crazy market. Sleeping on an amazing new listing could mean that someone else swoops in and gets it before you ever have a chance to go through and write an offer. Your agent should be ready to walk you through within the first 24 hours of a request.

Find Time for Walkthroughs

Pictures of the house only give you a small portion of the story. Good realtors know this, so they offer walkthroughs. Walking through a lot of homes allows the realtor an opportunity to get a feel for what your style is, and exactly what you and your family are looking for. Knowing what you love allows them to keep a pulse on other potential listings.

Writing an Offer

When writing an offer, your agent should know how to protect your interests and make sure all of your needs are met, and ensure that purchasing safeguards are in place. They should know what the value of the home you are interested in truly is. All of this information should be given to you before writing. The cost of the purchase is up to you, but you should go into the purchase with eyes wide open.

If it’s the perfect house and there are multiple offers on the property, your agent should be able to advise you on how to ensure that your Purchase Agreement stands out from other offers. This is more than just writing down a great purchase number, but also making the offer clean and easy to accept. Offer the buyer the opportunity to take their time moving out at no extra cost, and avoid asking them to pay closing costs if possible. Your agent should call the selling realtor, get a feel for the seller's situation, find out the seller’s desires and how they could write an offer that would appeal to the seller. Every seller has different desires and needs, and knowing theirs could give you the edge you need.

Hire an Inspector

Once an offer is accepted, your agent should be able to recommend a few great home inspectors. Good real estate agents often join the inspection process to understand exactly what the inspector’s issues with the house are.

Communication is Crucial

Your agent should keep the seller in the loop every step of the way through the closing process. Communication is key throughout this process. When everyone knows exactly what's happening every step of the way, then there are never surprises. Don't let the details fall through the cracks.

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