Winter vs Summer Selling: Which Season Is Better?


Everyone who follows Real Estate in the West Michigan area knows that the spring and summer markets are the "hottest" times to sell your home. Statistics clearly agree with this statement, but I'm here to shed light on how potential sellers can sell their properties for top dollar in the winter months.

Why Spring And Summer Sell

There are several reasons why spring and summer see the most home sales. The most obvious is that the weather is mild and warmer, making moving out of and into a home less stressful. The other factor at play is that the majority of sellers decide to hold off listings until spring because they have been told from numerous professionals that that's when they need to list.

What if I told you that there are ALWAYS plenty of buyers keeping an eye on the market during the winter months?

Take Advantage Of The Winter Months

I always have a handful of clients scratching and clawing to find the perfect home during the winter months. Finding them the right home is oftentimes a painstaking process drawn out over many months, all driven from the fact that there aren't many listings available. The second a new home hits the market, we clamor to set up a showing. If the home is listed properly, we often find ourselves competing with multiple offers against other potential buyers.

With there being substantially more listings available during the spring and summer months, there is also much more competition. The winter months offer you a time when your competition is essentially nonexistent. This reason alone is why this could be the best time to sell. If timed properly, you could have your home sold right at the time the masses are beginning to list their homes. You would have yourself in a position to write offers not predicated on the sale of your current home, putting you in a much stronger position than other buyers who still need to sell their homes. Every little advantage is huge when in multiple offer situations, and this could be just the edge you need.

Talk To Your Realtor

The downside is that you could possibly get lost in the shuffle of all the new homes hitting the market. Potential buyers and their agents could point out that you have been listed on the market for a long period of time, assuming that you must be overpriced. You should listen to a professional in your local marketplace. List your home at or near where they tell you the value is and you should have little to no problems selling your home, no matter what time of year it is!